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Leicester Mercury (my local paper)
Saturday July 17 2010
Sew Eco, by Ruth Singer A & C Black,  £16.99.

Review by Joan Stephens "IF YOU want to have fun while also being eco and stylish, sewing is the way to go,'' writes the author in her introduction to this book of 20 projects which put a new twist on eco sewing.

As she also points out, sewing is both creative and relaxing, with the added benefit of being green, especially if, as she suggests here, you adopt re-cycling techniques, making anything from clothes and accessories to home furnishing items such as cushions or table linen. In these financially straitened times too, it has the advantage of being money saving.

The best sections of Sew Eco are the earlier ones offering a guide to textiles, dyes and other fabric treatments.

Vintage fabrics (anything produced prior to 1985, apparently), including lace, have a section of their own, with advice on handling the more delicate items.

For beginner stitchers, or those who are taking up sewing again after a break, there is an excellent chapter on basic sewing tools and techniques which deals with both hand and machine stitching, hints on seam allowances, inserting and shortening zips and so on.

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