Organisations, books and websites for more information 

Ethical fashion, research and design

Black, S. Eco-chic: The Fashion Paradox. Black Dog Publishing, 2008.

Fletcher, K. Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys. Earthscan, 2008.

Fashioning an Ethical Industry

Ethical Fashion Forum

Labour Behind The Label

Ever and Again. Research into Upcycling Fashion and textiles.

Textiles Environment Design

Textile Future Research Unit

Sustainable Manufacturing Group, Cambridge University. Download a copy of Well dressed? The present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom

Information on eco textiles
Nature Works LLC. Producers of Ingeo (PLA)

Also see fabric suppliers for information on their products.


European Textiles Network (ETN)
Oeko-Tex testing for harmful substances in textiles
Soil Association for organic certification in UK.
Pesticide Action Network.
WRAP UK Government run waste recycling programme.
Environmental Justice Foundation cotton research.
Fair Trade Foundation

British Wool Marketing board

Australian Wool Innovation

Anti-mulesing campaign

Craft & Sewing
Mantua Maker (Ruth Singer's main blog)

Singer, R. Sew It Up. A Modern Manual of Practical and Decorative Sewing. Kyle Cathie, 2008. Also published in the US as The Sewing Bible, Potter Craft, 2009.

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